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  Teaching and Learning

Educational Purpose
Kosin University is a Christian university, which seeks to equip students to understand and be equipped to engage cultures in a reformational manner that celebrates that Lordship of Jesus Christ over all of reality.

  1. University means that Kosin is a degree-granting, research and teaching institution of higher learning which seeks to assist scholars and students explore ideas and develop knowledge across a range of disciplines.
  2. All scholarship is philosophically committed, approaching knowledge from one faith perspective or another. By describing itself as a Christian university, Kosin declares that the worldview perspective, which shapes learning and scholarship in this institution, is based upon a Christian understanding of reality—as distinct from humanist, feminist, Marxist, or Confucian worldview perspectives for example. The central guiding force in Kosin’s scholarly activity is the Word of God—the Word written in the scriptures, the Word living in Jesus Christ, and the Word observable in the world around us. Sometimes referred to a reformational perspective, this approach values insights and paradigms developed and used by scholars from all philosophical traditions but where, through rigorous scholarly investigation, they are all critiqued in the light of Kosin’s Christian philosophical perspective.

Educational Goals

  1. Support students and staff who are reflective, are aware of the idolatries that compete for allegiance within their known hearts, and who seek to live faithfully for God in all that they do.
  2. Educate students to understand and explore reality across a broad field of learning from a perspective consistent with a reformational worldview based upon the foundation of all of the Bible for all of life.
  3. Provide a context where the various philosophical commitments, inherent in every area of life, are identified. This enables students to understand and critique the pervasive world understanding of our age, constructively and joyfully engaging the culture imbued with a transformational perspective that nurtures Christian shalom in all disciplines and vocations.
  4. Provide a supportive and rigorous center of academic excellence where Christian scholars from Korea and elsewhere can feel supported in their worldview-consistent research and scholarly investigations.
  5. Champion a missional perspective by stimulating and supporting global reformational scholarship and cultural engagement.
  6. Shape informed and constructive citizens who will contribute to the Kingdom of God and human society.
  7. Foster a commitment to mutuality and interdependence in a manner, which enriches community and enables individual giftedness to flourish for the benefit of all.
  8. Nurture a conservationist approach to the use of resources, recognising the stewardly calling of all Christians
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