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  Life in Korea
The experiences that we go through in a foreign country often shape our perception in various ways positively and negatively. It depends on our sense of adventure to try and bring out the best Korea can offer us.

The most common thing to get accustomed to is "kimchi" which is a very common spicy side-dish. It's made from Chinese cabbage or radish, fermented and usually seasoned with red pepper. It's available in every home, restaurant including buffets.
History is treasured by the Koreans. They hold it dear to their hearts. There is a wide variety of ancient temples, palaces and gardens that will interest history buffs who love to immerse themselves in the mysteries of ancient ages.

Cultural activities are many and varied in Korea. Koreans love to showcase their cultures because of their sense of pride in what their culture encompasses. As Kosin University students, we have the privilege to witness firsthand on many occasions these spectacular events in various cultural centers and parks around Busan.

Click here! If you want to visite PIFF Official Website!If you are a movie buff, then the Pusan International Film Festival [PIFF] is an event not to miss. There are outdoor screenings of the latest Korean and international movies and a chance to catch a glimpse of the stars. It's a night when a little of Hollywood graces Nampo-dong, a town situated 30-40 minutes from Kosin. The grand finale is the Busan Fireworks Festival, a spectacular display of fireworks watched by over 1.3 million people every year.

Korea also showcases some very prestigious educational institutions. This is evident in the number of high school graduates being admitted into universities annually. Education is an important aspect of a child's life in Korea with students leaving the house as early as seven in the morning and not returning until late at night.

Lastly, let's not forget the social aspects which are often the highlight of a foreigner's visit to Korea. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, shopping districts with humongous malls, buffets, cinemas and the most common of all are the Karaoke rooms or as they are known in Korea - "norebangs" which are a great place to unwind with friends.
On site, it sounds interesting, wait till you experience the real thing. It's simple, "STUDY WHILE ENJOYING KOREA". Multi-tasking just took on a whole new perception.
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